Sunday, 12 July 2015

Rob Munn for Edinburgh Northern & Leith

I'm seeking selection as the SNP candidate for Edinburgh Northern & Leith for next years Scottish Parliament elections. Below is my pitch for the candidature. I'm the experienced candidate rooted in this constituency.

Rob Munn - seeking your support

I want your support to be the SNP candidate for Edinburgh Northern & Leith in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

I want to win this constituency - it’s where I live, and where I'm bringing up my family. Edinburgh Northern & Leith's issues are my issues. I am rooted in this constituency and have strong links with a host of local community groups who I've supported and been involved with over many years.
I am an experienced candidate and campaigner with a reputation for standing up for the community and getting things done.

As an elected councillor in Leith for twelve years I have valuable experience of representing the people and communities in this constituency between the years 1996-2003 & 2007-2012. During that time I championed the local community and influenced council policy. As convener of the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership I was involved and strongly supportive of bringing in participatory budgeting to decisions on local grant funding - allowing local people a say and a vote on local spending.

I believe in action and not just words. That's why I ran anti poll tax information stalls here twenty five years ago; that's why I took the lead in opposing the unpopular and unsustainable Biomass energy plant in Leith Docks just a few years ago; that's why I played a leading role in the campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum locally - just as I'd done in the campaign to win our Scottish Parliament in 1997. Leading from the front and leading by example.

I have a track record of standing up for what I believe in; of representing people and communities to the best of my ability and of making a difference. 

I want to represent Edinburgh Northern & Leith and with your support I can win this selection and importantly win this constituency for the SNP. Let's win and move forward to independence.
This is the only selection that I'm contesting. Vote Rob Munn number 1

Thank you,

Rob Munn


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